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Why focus group a case?

The real purpose of researching your case should be to discover its weaknesses.  If you want a one-sided presentation of your case to a group of people who will say it is or is not worth millions – that can easily be accomplished but will provide zero insight on how real jurors will render a verdict – and even more importantly – the reasoning behind their decisions. 

Outlier's goal is to find what jurors dislike about your case and client well in advance of your trial or resolution so you can eliminate any negative attribution. We strongly encourage multiple focus groups so that you can re-shape the case until all issues have been mitigated. If after multiple focus groups you can’t fix the problems in your case – you know then that a settlement or mediation might be in the best interest of your client.

How does it work?

By conducting extensive in-person and online jury research using innovative technology, Outlier has developed a targeted way to find out what jurors think about your case before you ever receive a verdict.

We work with you to create an un-biased presentation of essential case issues. We can also help you setup your presentation using the latest legal software, which is both easy and intuitive to even the most non-tech-savvy counsel.

We handle advertising, vetting and selection of attendees and provide all incentives and refreshments. Our team thoroughly vet applicants and hand-pick representative attendees to match the demographic profile of your venue. In addition, we create and tailor questionnaires for attendees based on your specific case needs.

Outlier films all presentations and live streams all video in high-definition for real-time viewing by associates via phone, tablet or computer. Using this approach, our clients get instant feedback so that they can fully debrief the attendees and learn what ultimately drove their decisions. A copy of the recording is ready for download within 24-hours of your presentation. 

Outlier specializes in juror analysis and can review all data to provide a detailed report focused on your case themes. Our thorough and insightful breakdown will aid in achieving your best possible case resolution.

My opening statement is pretty good and everyone in the office thinks I'm ready for trial.
What more do I need to know?

  1. Your trusted paralegals, assistants and co-counsel are biased towards your case and the way you present it. This is not intentional on their part, but by the time you get to trial, you and everyone that has helped you prepare know more than any potential juror would know about your case and that background information makes it nearly impossible to give you a reliable reaction to the opening.
  2. Jurisdictions are getting more and more specific about length requirements. Practicing your opening will help reduce unnecessary and confusing information, thereby shortening and focusing your presentation on what’s important for jurors to hear.
  3. Practice – Practice – Practice!  It doesn’t matter how many jury trials you've conducted, practicing your opening will make both you and the opening better.

I already have mediation scheduled, why bother with a focus group?

Aren't you tired of  mediators and opposing counsel saying, “You have no idea what a jury is going to do in this case”?

Taking the time to research case issues will allow you to arrive armed with knowledge of both the good and bad information necessary help you maximize your client’s resolution.  

Why do you prefer using small focus groups?

We've learned through experience that 6-8 jurors will be more open to discussing the hot-topic issues in your case. Including more participants in deliberations often inhibits the quality of responses from each individual juror.  

We do engage larger groups, but usually with the intention of splitting them into smaller groups for multiple verdicts.

What about mock trials?

Outlier provides turn-key mock-trial solutions based on your individual case needs. 

Can my firm do this?

Yes, research is an invaluable tool and we encourage attorneys to focus group their cases any way possible! Outlier simply provides the infrastructure, location, technology, legal and psychological background to vet and produce a reliable group of jurors for attorneys who simply do not have the time, resources or experience to do it themselves.


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