Elizabeth L. Foreman, Ph.D.

Elizabeth L. Foreman is an experimental psychologist who has consulted on hundreds of civil and criminal cases in state and federal jurisdictions.

Dr. Foreman obtained a bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University, where she studied psychology and criminal justice. She then earned master’s and doctorate degrees in experimental psychology from the University of Mississippi, where her research focused on personality and social memory.

Dr. Foreman now combines psychology and legal strategy in what she calls trial science. Her work includes extensive pre-trial and venue research, case theme development, survey construction, witness preparation, focus group and mock trial research, jury selection and post-trial interviews throughout the United States.

In addition to aiding inside the courtroom, Dr. Foreman often helps clients achieve favorable out-of-court resolutions and her experience talking with actual and mock jurors provides an invaluable resource to legal teams.

Dr. Foreman is an active member of the American Society of Trial Consultants and the American Psychological Association. She lives in Baton Rouge with her husband, two miniature dachshunds and three mischievous cats.

Greg A. Rozas, J.D.

Greg A. Rozas is a self-employed trial lawyer who has actively practiced criminal and civil litigation for over 25 years. His current practice is in the area of personal injury with an emphasis on complex medical malpractice cases.

Mr. Rozas obtained a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Louisiana State University and earned his juris doctorate from Southern University.

He began focus grouping cases at his firm in 2016 on complex liability issues and damage analysis. Mr. Rozas brings decades of legal experience to his consulting work in case-theme and strategy development, witness preparation, mediation planning, focus group and mock trial research, jury selection and trial presentation.

Mr. Rozas is an active member of Trial Masters and a graduate of the Keenan Trial Institute including post-graduate courses in trial presentation, focus groups, and opening. He is a devoted husband to Sharon Rozas and the proud father of four children.

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