Want to participate in our jury research?

Outlier is always looking for diverse participants who represent their local communities for our jury research projects. If you want to get paid to provide your opinion on real legal cases, please submit a one-time application to be included in our database for consideration.

Our questionnaire gathers information most attorneys would solicit during the jury selection process. We also collect detailed demographic data to ensure our participants adequately represent the local community. There are no wrong answers and we are looking for a wide range of participants, so please respond honestly. 

We are committed to your privacy. All information provided to Outlier is confidential and will NEVER be shared with anyone outside our organization.

Selection is by invitation only and submitting an application does not guarantee participation. An Outlier team member will contact selected individuals via text message and schedule a brief interview to discuss event details.

Participants will receive same-day compensation at the completion of the research session. 

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